January 2020 / United States / 12:50 This month, John shares three reasons he wishes everyone in the Alliance family could at some point in their live...View Details

John Stumbo’s Video Blog # 77—The Vision Lives On December 2019 / Japan / 12:33 John shares how he was profoundly moved at a national gathering of the...View Details

John Stumbo’s Video Blog # 76—A Season of Change, Part Two October 2019 / Cambodia / 12:42 John provides a fall Board of Directors meeting update on p...View Details

John Stumbo’s Video Blog # 75—A Season of Change, Part One   October 2019 / United States / 12:38   This month, John seeks to bring clarity to the con...View Details

John Stumbo’s Video Blog # 74—Video Blog Highlights   September 2019 / the world / 12:57  This “best of” video features snapshots from John’s monthly ...View Details

John Stumbo’s Video Blog # 73—What Would You Like to Say . . .?   August 2019 / United States / 12:16   Reporting from the LIFE Conference in Orlando...View Details

John Stumbo’s Video Blog No. 72   July 2019 / United States / 12:26   John summarizes the four commitments he made to the Alliance family during his F...View Details

In this recap of Alliance Council 2019, John recalls his message from Acts, using “Perga”—where John Mark turned back on the first missionary journey—...View Details

In part three of his three-part series addressing principles for healthy communications on topics about known conflict, John shares why seasons of cha...View Details

John speaks to why our whole Alliance family must engage well in challenging, yet necessary conversations. We need to address how to more effectively ...View Details

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