John reflects on the normalcy of having conflicting emotions while walking an unhindered life with Christ.

John reflects on the importance of keeping our eyes focused on Jesus and persevering in our work for the Lord.

John explains the impact of the National Office move on our ability to fulfill the mission Jesus called us to accomplish.

John invites C&MA Vice President Gary Friesen to offer insights on being the Church in today’s culture.

“The stories of how God met us at Alliance Council 2021 are rich and abundant,” John reports. Enjoy this recap of a powerful, significant week.

This month, John takes us to a Bible hero, Jeremiah, whose honest story he prays will bring us some hope, perspective, strength, and encouragement dur...View Details

This month, John takes the opportunity to update us on the national conversation we’re having regarding men and women in leadership in The Alliance an...View Details

This month, John presents the newly revised Alliance Statement of Faith, which was recently approved by the C&MA Board of Directors and will be pr...View Details

It’s been a season of change for many of us!

This month John shares where The Office of the President is focusing in 2021.

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