June 2020 / United States / 12:59 This month, John addresses how The Alliance is responding to cries for justice. Following are the links he reference...View Details

As each state within our country wrestles through questions of “reopening,” I’m coming to us today with some thoughts on the state of our own souls an...View Details

Evil Meets Easter – John Stumbo Video Blog No. 81 April 2020 / United States / 10:24 On an Easter unlike any other, John shares a foundational message...View Details

John Stumbo’s Video Blog #80—A Fresh Look at our Fundamental Document March 2020 / United States / 12:42 This month, John gives an update on significa...View Details

A Timely Word – No. 79

John Stumbo’s Video Blog # 79—A Timely Word February 2020 / United States / 12:22 John addresses how one of today’s most powerful resources may be a l...View Details

January 2020 / United States / 12:50 This month, John shares three reasons he wishes everyone in the Alliance family could at some point in their live...View Details

John Stumbo’s Video Blog # 77—The Vision Lives On December 2019 / Japan / 12:33 John shares how he was profoundly moved at a national gathering of the...View Details

John Stumbo’s Video Blog # 76—A Season of Change, Part Two October 2019 / Cambodia / 12:42 John provides a fall Board of Directors meeting update on p...View Details

John Stumbo’s Video Blog # 75—A Season of Change, Part One   October 2019 / United States / 12:38   This month, John seeks to bring clarity to the con...View Details

John Stumbo’s Video Blog # 74—Video Blog Highlights   September 2019 / the world / 12:57  This “best of” video features snapshots from John’s monthly ...View Details

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